Snowdonia, 2019

It feels as though every trip I book just gets more and more exciting, as my head fills up with more ideas, giving me so many things to explore and try!

This trip becomes the third year-consecutive trip to the incredible piece of earth that is Mount Snowdon. Travelling this time with my girlfriend Phoebe, who I visited Prague with, Dan, who joined me last year in Wales and Abi, making her debut trip with me!

In similar fashion to the previous two years, this journey started with big ol’ road-trip, packed with snacks and naps. We left at 9am on Saturday morning, wasting no time, and arrived at around 1pm at our AirBnb in Porthmadog, Gwynedd. It was a stunning, timeless little cottage on the seafront, giving us the opportunity to immediately start making photos right on our doorstep!

After we had settled in and finally got around to lugging all of the luggage from the car to the house, we decided to take an aimless drive down the road with intention to stop off at any location that had caught our attention! The first and only stop on this little drive was when we found this ‘massive rock’ (as Dan referred to it as) in the middle of nowhere! We parked up on the side of the road and began to climb. It proved slightly more difficult than expected, but half an hour later, we found ourselves at the top.

Bags down, coats off, photo time!

After a few drinks and some party games in the evening, we got ourselves a relatively early night and prepared for a 6:30am start. Of course, if it were just Dan and I, this would’ve been the case. But at about 8:30, we finally left the house and set out on a 40 minute drive to the base of Mt. Snowdon! In the summer of 2017, I successfully climbed the mountain on the Llanberis path. In January 2018, in the midst of a ferocious storm, Dan and I attempted an unsuccessful 5am trek on the Miners’ track. This year, Dan and I were in agreement that we owed it to ourselves to retry what we had failed the previous year. The conditions were far better and we were confident.

On the way to Snowdon, we stopped off at a little river to break up the journey and explore a bit. It was very cold, very windy and very foggy. With the rain pouring and an echo of doubt in all of our minds, we began. After about an hour and a half, we had already surpassed the point Dan and I had reached last year - it was looking promising. The path ended and all that was left was an incline. Though it was far too steep to walk, we would have to climb it. We climbed in total for around 2 hours and after being passed by at least 30 climbers on their way down, exclaiming that it was too tough to climb, we decided that our safety was more important than our egos, and we turned around. None of us regret not reaching the summit, because it was so foggy that we wouldn’t have seen anything different anyway, it would just have been a personal achievement for us. But we tackled more than we ever thought we were going to that day, and I am thoroughly proud of all of us.

Barcelona, 2019

So… What can I say about Barcelona, 2019?

Firstly, this is the first time I have ever left England on my own. That’s something that took an amount of courage and bravery from me. The trip was booked only 5 days before I got on the plane, after I had seen a ridiculously cheap deal for two nights in the Spanish city. To catch my flight, I was required to wake up at 3am and miss breakfast. Everything went perfectly with the flights and once I landed in Barcelona, I tagged along on the train with some other university students who were going to the city centre.

Arriving in the centre, we went our separate ways. This is where I struggled on the trip. Nothing went wrong, I visited everything that I had planned to, some things twice as I had excess time and wanted to ensure I had taken the best photographs possible.

The struggle for me was inspiration. I was motivated enough to spend 7am-7pm every day out and about, walking over 30 miles in the two and a half days that I had spent there. But, I believe that the fact that I was just on my own hindered my creativity. I listened to over 30 hours of music, but didn’t have one conversation. I get a lot of inspiration from discussion of ideas, and this was something that I didn’t have available to me.

All-in-all, the trip was a success as I came back in one piece, took some photos that I am overly happy with and had an experience that I will never have again - travelling alone for the very first time. I know for a fact that it will happen again in the future, and this was good practice for me. Below are a limited number of photographs that I captured from the trip. I am holding back the majority of them incase I do decide to use them in a project and if that were to happen, I would prefer for them to be unseen.

The trip was actually planned to capture one specific photo. My best attempt at this is the last photo in the gallery!


Prague, 2018

What. A. Trip.

I have said this in every description I have wrote about this trip, but I’ll say it again. This was the best few days of my life. From start to finish, I was kept smiling and was constantly busy.

For some context, I decided to book a random 2 night trip to Prague, Czech Republic for me and my girlfriend Phoebe. She informed me that she would be in charge of this trip, demanding that I do absolutely no research on the city allowing everything to be a surprise for me.

We arrived at 9pm in the country’s capital and from then it was non-stop fun.

As soon as we arrived, we spent 2 hours or so wondering around at night, exploring the streets and snapping a few pics. The next morning, we woke up bright and early and the trip really began.

I am excited to announce that I will be publishing my second book, this time about this city. I am therefore not going to share too much here, nor am I going to display all of the images I took. Stay informed on updates through my instagram (@dopov).

Below are some of my favourite, though not all of the images from my trip, along with a video.


Stockholm, 2018

In February, I decided that my next University project would involve Stockholm. So, I booked it.

I went away for 3 days with two friends and we have all agreed since that a yearly trip will be a tradition.

We stayed in a budget hostel with budget flights, as always, and had a great time. On this trip, I focussed massively on my photography, which is something I don't usually do when distractions like videography and alcohol get involved. But from this trip, I have managed to create a small travel book which will be printed in a limited number in the coming days.

Upon arriving in Sweden, we didn't book any excursions or trips, we simply arrived unprepared and open-minded. The best way to travel.

Below are some of my favourite images from the trip.


Wales, 2018

Where do I start?

This extremely last-minute trip (decided on the night before we left) was the scariest, riskiest, most hilarious trip I think I have ever been on...

It all started when at 1am on Friday the 26th of January, Dan (@daniellatter) sent a message to Ryan (@_ryan_curtis) and I, asking if we would be up for a road trip. Two hours later, Wales was decided upon and we were all packing our bags in preparation. In the evening of the 26th, Dan and Ryan had driven down to Bath, where I live, and we quickly swapped cars and were on our way.

We arrived in Wales at about 5am, after a long car journey from Bath. Once arriving, we decided to head straight for Mt. Snowdon, forgetting about the treacherous weather conditions that we were in the middle of. About 20 minutes into our walk up the mountain, in the pitch black, with only an iPhone torch on 30% battery showing us the way, we realised that it was a bad idea. After a short discussion on the side of this mountain, we decided to carry on, despite already having lost a softbox to the wind and feeling in all of our hands and legs - another bad decision. We continued to walk into the unknown for about 2 hours before the sun began to rise, introducing us to our surroundings visually. We were amazed. We had spent hours complaining and threatening to turn back, but we were in the middle of some paradise.

We never made it to the top as we decided that was way too dangerous, but what we had seen was by far better than we could have imagined, and that was good enough. I managed to get my camera out for a short while before both my hands and the D7200 had frozen, so there weren't many photos taken on the mountain, but the memories will last forever.

After unmounting the mountain, we got into the car, stripped off and turned the heating on, full blast. We sat there for about an hour before setting off on our next mission. A quick stop off at McDonalds for brunch and Sports Direct for some new socks led us to some arguably more incredible views in the Snowdonia National Park. We drove the length of the park before deciding it was time to book a hostel for the night - at 5pm we laid our heads down, not to wake up until 10am on the 28th.

A 17 hour sleep and a cafe pitstop later, and we were ready for our next hike. We found a nice spot, parked the car and wondered up a hill for three hours. We added to our travelling experiences by jumping over a river, drinking from a waterfall and getting completely lost with no signal.

It was then ready to go home.

Below are a selection of photographs from the trip. I hope you enjoy, and please follow Dan (@daniellatter) and Ryan (@_ryan_curtis) on Instagram for more from this amazing experience!


It was (annoyingly) too windy for the drone and there wasn't enough footage for a video...


...aaaand here's an out-of-focus photo of us.


Poznan, 2018

To get 2018 off to an amazing start, a housemate and I decided to book a short trip to Poznań, Poland. There was no real reason behind the trip but to explore and enjoy, and that is exactly what we did.

I set out with a DJI Mavic Pro drone and a Nikon D7200 DSLR which both contributed to a small collection of images and a highlight video from the trip. The temperature reached a height of 3 degrees Celsius throughout the entire trip, with rain, snow and harsh wind making a big appearance. For this reason, many of the things that we had planned to do were changed. The weather made it hard to shoot specific photographs and dangerous to fly the drone, but we managed to get some of the shots that we had hoped for, and that is what I am going to showcase below.

For more from this trip, please visit my Instagram page (@dopov).



Berlin, 2017

Continuing my 2017 travels, I decided to book my third trip of the year to Berlin, Germany. I went with a good friend of mine (Instagram: @daniellatter) who is an Urban Explorer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.43.49.png

This meant that our idea of exploring Berlin was extremely different to many others who would be classed as 'tourists'. For us, attractions like the 'Berlin Wall' and 'Hitler's Bunker' just weren't on our list. We instead decided to explore the abandoned theme park previously known as 'Spree Park' as well as visiting the old Nazi Spy Towers to see what footage we could produce there.

Below is a selection of images from this trip, along with a video at the bottom. You know what they say - a video speaks a thousand images! (Don't ask who says that...)


Pumpkin Patch, 2017

So today, after a lecture, some of my housemates and I decided to attempt a pre-Halloween shoot in a nearby pumpkin patch. Thanks to Farrington's Farm, we were able to access their patch before it had been opened to the general public, giving us a great opportunity to make images. Below, you can find a select few photographs from the shoot, taken by myself, as well as a short BTS video of the shoot.

Also, to find more images from this shoot, please feel free to visit my housemate's Instagram pages:

Danyelle Smith -

Kristen Kate Morris - @kristenkatephotography

Joe Clifford - @joefford


Wales, 2017

On the 19th, I set out on a 270 mile drive from London to Wales, with my sister and mum. I will begin by saying that service station Burger Kings are a lifesaver.

Our main goal on this trip was to conquer Mount Snowdon. I know, it's no Everest, but at over 1000 metres (3280+ft), it was a challenge. Arguments were had before we began as I was the only one without walking boots, but I believe that the Nike SBs served me well, as I managed to get to the summit over an hour and a half before everyone else, and whilst they had ripped shoes, sprained ankles and blisters, I remained comfy as can me. I'm not trying to say that I told them so, but...

Anyway, after getting to the top with only 4 others being there at the time, I realised that all I could see was fog. This was slightly disappointing as I had walked and climbed 2 hours for an empty view. However, when I began the descent, the clouds moved on and I managed to take some photos which you can find below...

Now, yes, I did forget to bring all of my cameras so there is no video for this trip, and all of the photos are taken on my iPhone 6s, but that just shows how far technology has come, as the people that I have showed the photos to haven't been able to point out any flaws in quality!


Tallest Crane in England, 2017

In the (very) early hours of Sunday 23rd July, two friends and I decided to attempt to climb the largest crane in England. The crane was 738ft tall and had only been climbed by one other person. We set out to do this climb for our YouTube channel ( but decided to take some photos whilst we were up there. Below, you can find some of the photos from this climb, as well as the video at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

P.S. We are going to be doing loads more videos like this one, so if you have a YouTube account, please subscribe and turn on our video notifications!


London Night-Climbing, 2017

On the evening of the 14th June 2017, my friend Dan and I decided to head into Central London in search of the perfect nightscape. We climbed several buildings before reaching the location to which we called perfection. Below are the photos taken at this phenomenal viewpoint, as well as a short video presenting our journey to get there!

For more, follow my Instagram (@dopov) or Dan's (@daniellatter). Enjoy!


Bath Press, 2017

So, after hearing that Bath Press, a factory that has been derelict for over 10 years, would soon be knocked down in order for houses to be built on the premises ( Joe, a fellow photography student, and I, had been in there once before but entered an alarmed room when doing so, meaning we had to make a quick escape. After reading this article, however, we decided to venture into Bath Press one final time, to get a real look and what the enormous factory was really like. We are convinced that only a handful of people had ever been in there without license to as photos were unheard of on social media, so this made our appetite for adventure much stronger.

To cut a long story short, we were able to enter smoothly through the roof, plan our exit beforehand and visit the whole of the second floor of this massive factory. Below are some photos taken inside, as well as a short entry and exploration video that we strongly recommend you watch!


Amsterdam, 2017

In May of 2017, two fellow photography students and I ventured to Amsterdam with intention of photographing for a university project, but turned it into a small exploration trip with a selection of portraits and a video being a product of the trip. Below are some of my favourite photos that I took, along with the video created.


Sofia, 2016

In the Summer of 2016, I ventured on my first ever trip without parents! Below, you can find a selection of images from the trip and at the bottom of the page is the trip video. For more photos, please visit my Instagram page (@dopov).


Alicante, 2015

After the success on the Marmaris trip, I decided a few weeks later to document my trip to Alicante through photos. Here is a small selection of images from the trip. For more, please visit my Instagram page (@dopov).


Marmaris, 2015

In the Summer of 2015, we went on a family trip to Turkey. This is the first trip that I have fully documented through photos, and this is one of the first videos i have ever put together, however it is more of a private, family video so I will not display it here. Here is a small selection of images from my trip. For more, please visit my Instagram page (@dopov).