Bath Press, 2017

So, after hearing that Bath Press, a factory that has been derelict for over 10 years, would soon be knocked down in order for houses to be built on the premises ( Joe, a fellow photography student, and I, had been in there once before but entered an alarmed room when doing so, meaning we had to make a quick escape. After reading this article, however, we decided to venture into Bath Press one final time, to get a real look and what the enormous factory was really like. We are convinced that only a handful of people had ever been in there without license to as photos were unheard of on social media, so this made our appetite for adventure much stronger.

To cut a long story short, we were able to enter smoothly through the roof, plan our exit beforehand and visit the whole of the second floor of this massive factory. Below are some photos taken inside, as well as a short entry and exploration video that we strongly recommend you watch!