Photography is not just about capturing the perfect moment, it’s about capturing the imagination too. I’m Danny Ovens, a self-publishing freelance photographer, born in South-West London and graduating from Bath Spa University. When looking at my latest work, it is clear and immediately apparent that I focus a lot of my attention towards colours and shapes. I enjoy using light to create a completely different aesthetic and I greatly appreciate composition and measurement in my frames.

As well as photography, I spend a lot of my time and maybe even half of my workload practicing moving picture as a videographer. I believe that certain situations beg for movement, whereas some moments should be frozen in order to be properly appreciated.

The travelling that I have been lucky enough to undertake so far in my lifetime has shown me just how small a space I occupy in the world, and how much more there is out there to explore. This is where my passion lies, creating unplanned and spontaneous images using only the environment around me. In the words of Ibn Battuta, travelling ‘leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’.



Exhibition: Architecture Under The Lens, Museum of Bath Architecture [February, 2018]

Book: London is Best (Deluxe Edition) [May, 2018]

Exhibition: Object, Figure, Space - Walcot Chapel [May 2018]


Book: Travel Diary: Prague [January, 2019]

Graduation: Batchelor of Arts Honours, Bath Spa University [June, 2019]

Exhibition: FORM - Candid Arts Trust, London [June, 2019]