Barcelona, 2019

So… What can I say about Barcelona, 2019?

Firstly, this is the first time I have ever left England on my own. That’s something that took an amount of courage and bravery from me. The trip was booked only 5 days before I got on the plane, after I had seen a ridiculously cheap deal for two nights in the Spanish city. To catch my flight, I was required to wake up at 3am and miss breakfast. Everything went perfectly with the flights and once I landed in Barcelona, I tagged along on the train with some other university students who were going to the city centre.

Arriving in the centre, we went our separate ways. This is where I struggled on the trip. Nothing went wrong, I visited everything that I had planned to, some things twice as I had excess time and wanted to ensure I had taken the best photographs possible.

The struggle for me was inspiration. I was motivated enough to spend 7am-7pm every day out and about, walking over 30 miles in the two and a half days that I had spent there. But, I believe that the fact that I was just on my own hindered my creativity. I listened to over 30 hours of music, but didn’t have one conversation. I get a lot of inspiration from discussion of ideas, and this was something that I didn’t have available to me.

All-in-all, the trip was a success as I came back in one piece, took some photos that I am overly happy with and had an experience that I will never have again - travelling alone for the very first time. I know for a fact that it will happen again in the future, and this was good practice for me. Below are a limited number of photographs that I captured from the trip. I am holding back the majority of them incase I do decide to use them in a project and if that were to happen, I would prefer for them to be unseen.

The trip was actually planned to capture one specific photo. My best attempt at this is the last photo in the gallery!