Prague, 2018

What. A. Trip.

I have said this in every description I have wrote about this trip, but I’ll say it again. This was the best few days of my life. From start to finish, I was kept smiling and was constantly busy.

For some context, I decided to book a random 2 night trip to Prague, Czech Republic for me and my girlfriend Phoebe. She informed me that she would be in charge of this trip, demanding that I do absolutely no research on the city allowing everything to be a surprise for me.

We arrived at 9pm in the country’s capital and from then it was non-stop fun.

As soon as we arrived, we spent 2 hours or so wondering around at night, exploring the streets and snapping a few pics. The next morning, we woke up bright and early and the trip really began.

I am excited to announce that I will be publishing my second book, this time about this city. I am therefore not going to share too much here, nor am I going to display all of the images I took. Stay informed on updates through my instagram (@dopov).

Below are some of my favourite, though not all of the images from my trip, along with a video.