Berlin, 2017

Continuing my 2017 travels, I decided to book my third trip of the year to Berlin, Germany. I went with a good friend of mine (Instagram: @daniellatter) who is an Urban Explorer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.43.49.png

This meant that our idea of exploring Berlin was extremely different to many others who would be classed as 'tourists'. For us, attractions like the 'Berlin Wall' and 'Hitler's Bunker' just weren't on our list. We instead decided to explore the abandoned theme park previously known as 'Spree Park' as well as visiting the old Nazi Spy Towers to see what footage we could produce there.

Below is a selection of images from this trip, along with a video at the bottom. You know what they say - a video speaks a thousand images! (Don't ask who says that...)