Staff Lecturer - Stephen Vaughan


Stephen's lecture interested me massively in many different ways. I believe that it was fascinating to actually see the work of one of my lecturers and hear about their experiences, as it gives me more confidence in the course in a way as I can see the quality of the work of those who I am learning from. His work, therefore, has driven me to push myself in this course to achieve the best that I can.

He told many fascinating stories, specifically those about his travels in Japan, which has reinforced my thought that I would like to be a travel photographer as I would love to be able to create memories and tell stories as Stephen so easily can. His stories about the earthquakes were mind-opening and the story behind each photo makes it that bit more amazing.

I specifically like the landscape work that he has done, and browsing through his website whilst listening to him talk about each photo was very helpful. His photos are based mostly on alignment I believe, and this is what makes them look so special. Below is some photos from my favourite project of his, titled Ultima Thule.