Professional Contexts, Lecture 2

A massive part of this lecture with Morag MacDonald was lighting. We looked at many different photographers such as Gregory Crewdson who massively use artificial lighting to their advantage when creating photos. Below are some images by Crewdson himself.

Gregory Crewdson uses very dramatic lighting in his images which is clearly artificial but still somewhat works to create a realistic image. Gregory Beams was massively inspired by this way of photography and created images of a very similar style, as seen below.

Many other photographers, like Philip Lorca Di Corsa and Hannah Starkley created lifelike, realistic images. But it was Sarah Jones who interested me most from this lecture, with her studies of photographing the same  middle-upper class children. These images showed the girls, often in a very wealthy environment, not enjoying themselves. This somewhat explains a downside to being rich and shows that it isn't always positive or desired.