Guest Lecturer - James Arthur Allen

Today, we had a guest lecture from James Arthur Allen, a British photographer based in Bath and currently studying his masters in Wales.

Much of what he said interested me, specifically when he spoke about how he first got published and got his 'break'. He told a story about how he was queuing up for a meeting with someone, I presume someone who had the power to publish his work, and the lady was presented with his video 'Behind the Lens'  and was so touched by his work that she bought it on the spot.

He explained to us that to put our mark on the world and get our work out there, we must begin emailing photos to companies, entering competitions and applying for photography opportunities.

Behind the Lens - Published by Telegraph.

Behind the Lens - Published by Telegraph.


He explained to us about his commissioned work in different countries and how it wasn't as important to him as his personal projects, and this is something that I can relate to, because when creating my own project I feel far more involved and a part of it, and motivation to complete it is higher.

As for his work, he told us that a lot of it he didn't like that much. Personally, I think his work was very interesting, specifically that which was taken of the Royal Marines. I feel that they were all not only aesthetic but told a respected story and that for me made the images far more interesting.


A photo of an Marines Veteran


A list of photographers that James recommended we research.