Victoria Art Gallery - Kenneth Armitage Exhibition

Today, Joe and I went to Victoria Art Gallery to visit the Kenneth Armitage 1916 - 2002 Centenary sculpture exhibition. It was interesting in many different ways for many different reasons.

The presentation of the sculptures and drawings was very unorganised in the way they were laid out but had somewhat a level of organisation in that there was a vague path for people to walk around. The sculptures themselves were oddly scattered around the exhibition and there wasn't much structure or reasoning behind the layout, but this intrigued me.


Brochure from the gallery

Brochure from the gallery


One thing that did inspire me from the visit to the gallery was the personality behind each piece. Every single piece had similarities and consistency so that you could tell it was created by the same artist. This consistency is something I would like to one day have in my work and did try to explore in my Language of Photography project.

We were unable to take photos inside the exhibition but below is an image found online.