Videography for OCA

OCA, or Ovarian Cancer Action is a charity that I have been doing paid work with for a number of years now, usually in London at their charity fundraising events. This time however, I was asked to both photograph and film their latest event in Oxford.

Since my focus for this shoot was on filming the event, another photographer was hired to ensure all moments were captured. Working with another photographer that I hadn’t met taught me more than I thought it would. It taught me about subtle communication to ensure we both get the shot we need in a short space of time, thus teaching me to work quicker so that I can move on and allow the other photographer to get in there.

The girl photographing had actually moved to London from Australia and is primarily a photographer’s assistant, where she has worked on shoots with brands like Lacoste and with celebrities like Rafael Nadal. This opened my eyes up to the possibility of working as an assistant and made me think about how much I could learn in the industry from doing so.

It was a great, easy experience as always with this group of people and below is the video that I came up with!