Wales, 2018

Where do I start?

This extremely last-minute trip (decided on the night before we left) was the scariest, riskiest, most hilarious trip I think I have ever been on...

It all started when at 1am on Friday the 26th of January, Dan (@daniellatter) sent a message to Ryan (@_ryan_curtis) and I, asking if we would be up for a road trip. Two hours later, Wales was decided upon and we were all packing our bags in preparation. In the evening of the 26th, Dan and Ryan had driven down to Bath, where I live, and we quickly swapped cars and were on our way.

We arrived in Wales at about 5am, after a long car journey from Bath. Once arriving, we decided to head straight for Mt. Snowdon, forgetting about the treacherous weather conditions that we were in the middle of. About 20 minutes into our walk up the mountain, in the pitch black, with only an iPhone torch on 30% battery showing us the way, we realised that it was a bad idea. After a short discussion on the side of this mountain, we decided to carry on, despite already having lost a softbox to the wind and feeling in all of our hands and legs - another bad decision. We continued to walk into the unknown for about 2 hours before the sun began to rise, introducing us to our surroundings visually. We were amazed. We had spent hours complaining and threatening to turn back, but we were in the middle of some paradise.

We never made it to the top as we decided that was way too dangerous, but what we had seen was by far better than we could have imagined, and that was good enough. I managed to get my camera out for a short while before both my hands and the D7200 had frozen, so there weren't many photos taken on the mountain, but the memories will last forever.

After unmounting the mountain, we got into the car, stripped off and turned the heating on, full blast. We sat there for about an hour before setting off on our next mission. A quick stop off at McDonalds for brunch and Sports Direct for some new socks led us to some arguably more incredible views in the Snowdonia National Park. We drove the length of the park before deciding it was time to book a hostel for the night - at 5pm we laid our heads down, not to wake up until 10am on the 28th.

A 17 hour sleep and a cafe pitstop later, and we were ready for our next hike. We found a nice spot, parked the car and wondered up a hill for three hours. We added to our travelling experiences by jumping over a river, drinking from a waterfall and getting completely lost with no signal.

It was then ready to go home.

Below are a selection of photographs from the trip. I hope you enjoy, and please follow Dan (@daniellatter) and Ryan (@_ryan_curtis) on Instagram for more from this amazing experience!


It was (annoyingly) too windy for the drone and there wasn't enough footage for a video...


...aaaand here's an out-of-focus photo of us.