Being Exhibited in Museum of Bath Architecture

In the first few days of the new year, I was emailed by Tim Beale, who works as the Museum Administrator for Museum of Bath Architecture, explaining that he had seen my website and would like to exhibit some of my images in their latest exhibition. This is possibly the most exciting email that I have ever received, so I immediately began to search through my archive of images to find my best work fitting his brief.

After emailing him back and forth for a few weeks, I decided to use some images that I had taken in London as I believed these were the most powerful and would look amazing printed at a large scale. I got them printed at 400x500mm on the Chromera and delivered them to the museum for hanging.

A few days later, I received an invite to a private viewing of the exhibition, where I was allowed to bring some friends and family along to view the work. I decided to ask my Dad and his girlfriend who are both local to Bath, and so they attended.

I was asked to price my images for sale as well as writing a short artist's bio, so after some research, I had developed a short introduction to my practice and came up with the price of £100 per image, taking into consideration the 40% commission fee of the gallery.

The link for the exhibition is as follows:

Below are some images of my work from the exhibition.