Video Editing for a Friend

One of my close friends approached me after seeing some of my video editing that I had recently done and asked if I would be able to edit his holiday clips into a short memorious film. He had predominantly GoPro footage filmed with no real purpose, so it was a very fun little project that I spent about 6 hours on with 2 or 3 different drafts being produced before exporting a final copy.

In this video, I decided to use lots of different editing techniques that I had recently learned in Premiere Pro in order to practice for the future, and I am happy with how the video has turned out.

Since this video, I have had lots of his friends messaging me asking if I would be able to offer their holiday videos with payment being offered, so I believe that this little favour has helped me out in the long run in terms of experience and future work.

Below is the video that I produced: