Bath Spa Rugby Christmas Dinner Shoot

Following the cancellation of a photographer, I was asked on the day by the president of the Rugby committee at Bath Spa University to photograph their Christmas meal. I also managed to work in an increased price if I were to film the event as well.

The shoot went really smoothly as most people who wanted photos taken were happy to approach me and ask. The room was very dark so I used a flashlight with a softbox on in order to light the subjects, and I am happy with how the images came out. Since I couldn't use the flash for the video, the ISO was quite high, lowering the quality and softness of the clips, but they are all happy with how the video looks nonetheless.

I managed to edit all of the images along with the video immediately after the shoot and got them sent out the next day, where I received payment straight away.

Below are some of the images along with the video: