Sebastião Salgado Exhibition

On Friday, after our Crit, Stephen took us to the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution in Queen Square to see Salgado's new project, Genesis, in a small exhibition. There were only 8 photos in the whole exhibition, with lots of description about his career to read up about. There was also a video playing, showing him developing his platinum prints, a fascinating-looking process.

The project was mind-blowing. There were some amazing photos exhibited, photos unlike ones I've ever seen before. I am unfamiliar with Salgado's work to be honest with you, but the first thing I did after seeing this project is research him. I spent about half an hour just scrolling through some magnificent photos he has taken over the many years he has been photographing for.


Possibly my favourite image from the project, by Sebastião Selgado.


The images were of magnificent quality. It is so refreshing to see a massive, sharp print and was something I really enjoyed about his photos. 


Some photos taken from the exhibition.