Snowdonia, 2019

For the third year in a row, I revisit Mount Snowdon with a new set of travel partners, aiming to explore, take photos, FORGET ABOUT WORK and have fun! Trips are always more fun when there is no aim.


Barcelona, 2019

A trip planned 5 days before the flight, with an aim to capture one photo. This was my first time ever travelling alone, and it was a journey. Click below to see the image!


Prague, 2018

This is the best trip I have EVER been on, and I think that’s all that has to be said…

Click the button below to find out why!


Stockholm, 2018

A spontaneously planned, unprepared weekend getaway with some close friends combined with a concept for an entire University project is the best way to sum up this trip...


Wales, 2018

A very very very impromptu trip away with Dan, Ryan and a bright yellow Corsa. Enjoy some photos taken in some incredible locations, along with a brief essay about our trip.


Poznan, 2018

Starting the year off with a trip to Poland as my mission to visit as many places as possible in 2018 begins... Find a collection of images as well as a short video documenting my travels... 


Berlin, 2017

Continuing this year's travels, a friend and I decided to fly out to Berlin for a few days, looking to find some of the most interesting and unexplored parts of the capital...


Wales, 2017

A collection of images from a short trip to Wales, where I climbed Mount Snowdon, discovered and explored the Conwy Falls and more. (Yes, I forgot to bring my cameras...)

Amsterdam, 2017

Amsterdam, Holland. A mid-term spring trip with two fellow photography students, with the purpose of shooting for a recent project. Please click the button below to see the photos and video from the trip.


Budapest, 2017

Budapest, Hungary. A mid-term winter trip with a friend from University. Please click the button below to view the full video from the trip. To see photos, please visit my Instagram page (@dopov).

SOFIA, 2016

Sofia, Bulgaria. This was my first trip alone, and on this journey we explored many different parts of the country. Please click the button below to view both the video and photos from the trip.

Alicante, 2015

Alicante, Spain. A trip away in the summer of 2015 where we spent 9 days venturing around Alicante. Please press the button below to find a selection of images from this trip.


Marmaris, 2015

Marmaris, Turkey. The first of two journeys in the summer of 2015. We spent a week exploring Turkey for the second time. Please press the button below for a selection of photos from the journey.